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Nido News Vol. 5

“BETTER TO SEE SOMETHING ONCE, THAN HEAR ABOUT IT A THOUSAND TIMES” –  Asian Proverb NAVIGATING THE WORLD OF TRAVEL INSURANCE Travel insurance is all too often seen as an afterthought of booking a holiday – something in many cases… read more

Travel Insurance

Nido News Vol. 4

“SAVE YOUR MONEY. YOU’RE GOING TO NEED TWICE AS MUCH OF IT AS YOU THINK” – Michael Caine. KIWISAVER – SAVING KIWI’S. KiwiSaver has helped Kiwis save billions. But is it working for you? Since 2007, KiwiSaver has been boosting… read more


Nido News Vol. 3

“THE PAID OFF HOME MORTGAGE HAS TAKEN THE PLACE OF THE BMW AS THE STATUS SYMBOL OF CHOICE” – Dave Ramsey WELCOME NEW HOME This week’s referral offer from Nido Home Loans. Know someone looking to buy or with a… read more