Why Nido?

Because no life is the same, at Nido we live to do things little differently. From home loans to KiwiSaver, wellbeing to insurance – our focus is on enabling you to live in the now and truly appreciate life and all it has to offer.

We’re here to help to set the plan and path to helping you, your family or your business achieve all that you wish to achieve – without concern for things like accident or illness, the housing market, retirement…

Simply put, it’s about allowing you to live in, and truly enjoy the moments that matter.

It’s a unique approach that works. Our clients get us, because we take the time to get them – partnering with our people to help them succeed in all aspects of life.

Welcome to Nido.


At Nido, we believe that personal and financial wellbeing go hand-in-hand. As a qualified yoga teacher, Onny, Nido’s Founder and Director has introduced unique strategies and ways of working to help you get the most out of work, play and everything in between.

At Nido, we believe good wealth is nothing without great health. We’re passionate about the role of personal wellbeing in all areas of life, including business. As a qualified yoga teacher and former New Zealand representative football player, Nido’s Founder and Director, Onny – will share ideas and inspiration from his own journey to benefit yours. Find out how today.

The Team

We’re a team of passionate players that’ll help you keep an eye on the ball and a focus on the real goals that really matter.

Meet your line-up: