We’ve got you covered from work to play.

We’re here to help self-­employed clients get the most out of life and business. Nido can help you save up to 40% on your ACC levies, enabling you to then use these savings to gain greater cover through Nido.

Straight up answers that’ll help you get down to business.

Our service is simple we’ll give you the straight up answers on how to lower your ACC levies, then use these savings to double your cover privately.

If you’re already a valued client of Nido, then you’ll know that Onny and the team provide a brilliant, bespoke and most importantly unbiased service. If you’re new to Nido, then we say welcome and we can’t wait to help.

A service for all sizes.

The focus of ACC Levy Savings by Nido is on those clients who are self-­employed. Regardless of business size, we’ll help you save.

Your savings, your choice.

Our service will deliver a stronger solution, protecting you with accident compensation coverage, yet with greater savings of around 37% on average. Dollars ­wise, that’s around $3500 per year for a builder in Auckland. A significant saving. But of course, if you just want to enjoy the savings and don’t wish to invest in stronger coverage, that’s no problem either.

Our service starts where ACC finishes.

The required levy for New Zealand’s self employed entitles Kiwis to ACC Cover Plus insurance but the coverage itself is limited to cover where you’re not at fault in an accident. On top of this, it has nothing to do with illness only accidents, so if you’re unable to work due to a sickness, condition or a disability that’s recurring ­ so you won’t be eligible for any ACC benefit.

Is Cover Plus a cover must?

All self­-employed individuals in New Zealand have to pay a levy to ACC. This levy entities you to ACC Cover Plus insurance ­ this covers you for treatment and rehabilitation, and will look after you by paying you 80% of your lost earnings in the event of a personal injury. How does it work? The greater the risk of injury at work, the greater the levy.

A little bit extra.

ACC Cover Plus Extra delivers the same support as ACC Cover Plus, but enables you to lock in a pre-­agreed amount between you and ACC. If you’re out of work ­ you’ll gain greater control over what you can get paid. You do still have to pay an ACC levy though. We can help on this.
Find out more about ACC Cover Plus and ACC Cover Plus Extra on the government’s website for ACC www.acc.co.nz

Is ACC good for me?

The reality is that ACC is limited. No fault injury cover is all that’s covered, and only to a degree. The criteria for claims is often changing, and again this adds further uncertainty to the process. What many don’t know is that the compensation amount provided by ACC in lost earnings is based on the income reported on your tax bill. In addition to this, if you split your income with your partner, you’ll only get 80% of the split amount. You’ll also need to pay taxes on claim payments. Plus, if you return to work part time, your compensation again will further decrease and even getting the compensation in the first place can encounter waiting periods.

Private health insurance is all about enabling you to enjoy the things you truly love in life free from concern for what the future may hold. We offer income protection, mortgage protection and more ­ filling the gaps that ACC leaves behind.

We’ll work smarter so you don’t have to work harder lowering your benefits with ACC and gaining greater rewards with Nido. Things like work coverage become less of a hassle, you’ll be well provided for and free from risks like losing a home.

Making self ­employment work for you.

Our years of experience in insurance have taught us that self employed Kiwis are better off reducing their ACC coverage benefits, gaining savings from the resulting reduced premiums, then applying these in smarter ways to private insurance arrangements with greater comprehensive coverage and less restriction.
Compare and compare alike.

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“Nido Group has done my business and personal insurance for a number of years now and we have always had great service.  Last year due to an increase in profits we found our ACC levies increased substantially.  Onny was able to liaise with ACC to get a suitable limit for any claims in that area and adjust our income protection policy to pick up the slack.  Overall the cost is lower and I have more protection than before”

Tony Parkes – Company Director – Bonded NZ

“Onny did a review of my ACC bills and discovered I was on the wrong code, he had it adjusted and arranged for ACC to backdate it for the last few years, I got an unexpected refund of nearly $10,000!

He changed me over to cover plus extra, explaining in plain English how everything works. Onny has taken the headache out of dealing with ACC, saving me time and money.”

Cam Swan – Building Project Manager