Insurance for me and my family has always been paramount and whatever dollar we can put aside for insurance we can, but what I appreciate about Onny and his team is that they work hard to research and make sure that the dollars we are spending are getting us what we think we need but then also balanced out with wisdom and knowledge that Onny brings to the table to make it the best it can be…..when I have needed to use my insurance Onny has only been a phone call away and had an empathy and a business approach to supporting my family – these are the reasons I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Onny and NidoInsurance as part of your future planning.

Claire Ellison

Onny is someone who will listen to your requirements and then makes sure he works closely with you to maximise your objective. He is personable, trustworthy, proactive.

Brent Ardern

Onny’s conscientious ,efficient, totally reliable and eager to please.

He streamlined my home and work insurance, providing superior service and saving me money. Top bloke, thoroughly recommend him.

Mike Weston

Onny was a pleasure to coach and showed me how dedicated he is to giving his clients the highest standard of service. With his professional and dedicated approach I would recommend him happily to anyone looking for advice they can trust.

Kerry Swan

You know how we never seem to have enough time to really sit down and do all the research required to make sure the medical/health cover or policy we have is the best deal or to make sure it is covering everything we need? Best way I found is to leave it in Onny’s hands, he’s the expert, it’s like having your very own consultant looking after your own interests. And it’s one less thing to have to worry about!

Troy Spence

Onny is a maven within the insurance industry. I have been working with Onny for the last three years, and have been very satisfied with the quality of advise and long term money saving aspects for my business. I would recommend everyone to talk to Onny for any insurance matters or questions, he is the guy to talk to.

Marcel Roos