Happy New Yeah Nah?


What’s your focus?

It’s a Happy New Year. But as we like to say at Nido – “Happy New Yeah Nah?”

Why on earth you ask?

With the new year brings new opportunities to assess what’s really important – as we look to resolve the past and reward the future. That’s why we ask ourselves and ask you to ask yourselves – “yeah or nah?” when it comes to focusing on your future.

So what can you improve? And what can you remove? Rid yourselves of things that no longer serve you and starting serving those that are most important to your future. These are your ‘yeah’s’ and your ‘nah’s’.

For this year to be the best, you need to be at your best. What are your goals for 2017? We recommend dividing them into areas such as…work and mission, family and home, friends and hobbies, financial wellbeing, personal wellbeing and adventures. The latter being about giving yourself and your family the time to get out there and explore, reset and reward yourselves with the rest required to breathe energy into your other areas in life.


Sound like a plan? Then let’s see it. As a first step (literally) – if you’re a Fitbit user, we invite you to join our Nido Fitbit Group – as we unlock challenges leading to greater opportunities in 2017.

From us to you Happy New Year and most importantly, Happy New Yeah Nah? It’s time to make the most of your new year, from now.

Here’s to the next level!

Onny and your Nido team.



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Happy New where did the year go?

It’s incredible to stop and think that we’re almost halfway through 2016 – it was only a matter of months ago that we were welcoming the year with open arms. As we do approach this halfway mark, it’s a great time to assess how things are tracking, according to those goals – big or small. A great way to help you get there is with GoalsOnTrack – a proven web-based goal achieving system backed by science.

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At Nido, we burst the bubble on housing – giving the right insights and information to put you and your family on the right path to successful homeownership. Avoid the banks and join Nigel this month.

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Yoga in the Digital Age

In a recent international poll 84 percent of people said they couldn’t give up their smartphone for a day.

Our phones have become so much more than just communication devices. We work on them, they entertain us, they store our information, photos and videos and they provide us with instant knowledge. We’re using them like an extended mind. That’s amazing.

But it can also be a little disconcerting. Technology is having a big effect on some of our long-held ideas about the way we’re meant to live, work and relate to each other. And it can be terribly distracting too.

This is where a regular yoga practice can be so beneficial. It helps us focus and gives us a place to rest in the midst of all those flickering pixels.

Yoga simplifies things, bringing our minds back to our relationships with others, ourselves and our surroundings. It takes us out of ‘doing mode’ and gets us into ‘being mode’.

Unplug to Recharge

If you feel like your mind is scattered across many screens a yoga retreat is a wonderful way to recharge and restore your sense of balance and calm.

Then when you return to the digital world, you will be better able to use technology in a way that reinforces the life you want to lead, rather than using it as a distraction.

Yoga can help us use technology consciously, in a way that is fully determined by us.

And then you’ll find inspiration all over the place, especially online.

Here are a few of my favourite spots for some mindful inspiration.




From Onny and the team – thanks for reading!

Cover for the Furry Ones


Cats are experts in relaxation and dogs know a thing or two about enjoying life.  So it’s not surprising that we enjoy their company so much.

But did you know they’re good for us too?

In recent years there have been many studies linking pet ownership to health, happiness and longevity. And if you have a dog, it may just be your heart’s best friend.

Owning a dog can help with heart disease, cholesterol, weight problems and high blood pressure.  In one study, patients with borderline hypertension saw significant decreases in blood pressure after adopting a dog.

Perhaps this is because a dog is the ultimate exercise buddy.  They’re always up for a walk and they bring a bit of routine to your day.

Other studies show that animals are good for your mood too.   People with pets are less likely to be affected by depression and they’re less likely to feel lonely.  That’s because spending time with animals elevates levels of serotonin and dopamine and these ‘feel good’ chemicals help keep us relaxed and calm.

Protection, friendship, happiness, health…animals look after us in many ways, just as we look after them.

And insurance can be an extra way to take care of your furry buddy.

The plans for cats and dogs are straightforward. They cover both illness and accident and you can add extra cover for things like vaccinations, check-ups and dental cover.  With insurance you can choose the best veterinarian and you’ll be able to pay for all medicine and surgery if it’s needed.

Your pet may also be covered for some inherited conditions and we may be able to insure older pets as well.

So give us a call to learn more and we’ll make sure your furry ones are covered.

From Onny and the Team – cheers for reading.

Travel insurance for kiwis on the road.

In every corner of the world, there’s excitement waiting for you. You just have to stick your head out and go for it.

But like any good adventure, travelling involves an element of risk.

What if your wallet gets stolen? What if you lose your passport? What if you have an accident?

Travel insurance takes care of the ‘what ifs’. It frees you from worry so you can get on with getting out of your comfort-zone.


The O.E is something of a Kiwi rite of passage and no matter where you end up, you’ll be glad you did it.

But before you strap on your back pack and embark on the trip of a lifetime, make sure you’re covered. That way you won’t risk going broke if something goes wrong.

Each trip is different so it’s important to have travel insurance that suits your needs. There are a few different types of insurance to consider.

If you’re on a tight budget a simple policy may suit. The most basic policy can cover look after your health as well as your gadgets. If you have an accident and want to be airlifted to the nearest first class hospital, you might want to consider more a more comprehensive plan. We can help you figure out the best cover for your situation.

The costs and risks of travel insurance vary depending on where you are going and what you’re doing so give us a call to find out about what is and isn’t covered.

Happy travels!

From Onny and the Team