Happy New Yeah Nah?


What’s your focus?

It’s a Happy New Year. But as we like to say at Nido – “Happy New Yeah Nah?”

Why on earth you ask?

With the new year brings new opportunities to assess what’s really important – as we look to resolve the past and reward the future. That’s why we ask ourselves and ask you to ask yourselves – “yeah or nah?” when it comes to focusing on your future.

So what can you improve? And what can you remove? Rid yourselves of things that no longer serve you and starting serving those that are most important to your future. These are your ‘yeah’s’ and your ‘nah’s’.

For this year to be the best, you need to be at your best. What are your goals for 2017? We recommend dividing them into areas such as…work and mission, family and home, friends and hobbies, financial wellbeing, personal wellbeing and adventures. The latter being about giving yourself and your family the time to get out there and explore, reset and reward yourselves with the rest required to breathe energy into your other areas in life.


Sound like a plan? Then let’s see it. As a first step (literally) – if you’re a Fitbit user, we invite you to join our Nido Fitbit Group – as we unlock challenges leading to greater opportunities in 2017.

From us to you Happy New Year and most importantly, Happy New Yeah Nah? It’s time to make the most of your new year, from now.

Here’s to the next level!

Onny and your Nido team.



The Philosophy of Nest

Creating our Nest, so you can create yours – the philosophy of Nest.


We welcome you to the NEST blog – the place and space for us to share words and wisdom about the topics most important to you, when thinking about insurance, health and wellness and other important things when it comes to living and leading a happy and healthy life.


This week we’ll chat a little about the story behind our business and brand.


As a structure or place made or chosen for bringing new life into the world or providing shelter for young – the concept behind our business is about exactly that: to create, to choose, to promote new beginnings and provide a strong shelter for life. Because of this, we work from many angles – not just insurance. The advice we provide extends right across topics that influence and promote the idea of living and leading a happy and healthy life. That’s why you’ll see us talk about health and wellbeing, as we share our secrets to success.


Today, we’ll talk about the clarity that simplicity offers to our lives. By consolidating activities to calm the chaos, and minimising the multiple windows and tabs we all too often try to juggle in life – we not only gain a clearer picture of our goals, but we give ourselves the opportunity to actually enjoy the process of working towards them.


In many cases, the long lists of goals we create only create confusion. Juggling these goals alongside other commitments in work, life and play – and staying on track, becomes a challenge of its own. Simply put, the longer the list of to-dos and goals – when we become busier in life, we get more and more overwhelmed by them. As we know the successful outcome is often slipping away.


Simplicity brings clarity.


Here’s our own list to help you create yours – all about bringing more simplicity into your life, by replacing what we don’t need with what we do. All so you can make the most of life and enjoy the ride.


Replace complaint for gratitude.
Replace pessimism for optimism.
Replace worry with trust.
Replace bitterness with forgiveness.
Replace the negative with the positive.
Replace anger with patience.
Replace jealousy with trust.


What will you replace?


It’s your turn and your time, to make a difference to your day.


From Onny and the team – cheers for reading.

On the Run – Our Favourite Fitness Apps.

We welcome you to the NEST blog – the place and space for us to share words and wisdom about the topics most important to you, when thinking about insurance, health and wellness and other important things when it comes to living and leading a happy and healthy life.

Smart thinking, this week we’ll be switching things up a little to focus on the technology that’ll make a difference to your bottom line, literally, as we’ll reveal our favourite fitness apps, keeping you focused on your health and wellbeing.

One of our favourite sayings here at Nest, and hopefully you would have seen this pop up on our Instagram is “Health is Wealth”. If you’re a client of Nest, you’ll already know just how much we value health and wellbeing. We also believe strongly that what we do, in providing bespoke advice for bright futures, is directly linked to finding a love for looking after oneself and one’s family through the health and wellness.

Get up, get going – nothing beats breaking a sweat. So let’s beat any of that winter excess with a few healthy recommendations as we approach the summer season.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga puts you on the mat, no matter where you are. With more than 50 yoga classes and 400 poses plus the music to match it, this is a fantastic app to keep you focused and fit while you’re on the move. Beginners, intermediate and advanced – no worries. The app covers Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga at different levels of intensity.


GPS-based, this app here is all about releasing a few endorphins throughout your day. Tracking almost any distance-based activity, Endomondo has you sorted when it comes to keeping fit, on the run.

Map My Fitness

600 activities comes together to map progress on this incredible app. From cycling, yoga, gym workouts to cross training, Map My Fitness is voted as one of the world’s best. Map your route, records your activities, log your food intake and share with friends – with this one, you’re on the right track.

PT In My Pocket

Don’t let location stop you from starting. Bring high intensity workouts into your day, no matter where you are. Innovative high-and low-impact options, ranging from 10 to 22 minutes plus voice commands will keep you motivated to succeed.

My Fitness Pal

With MyFitnessPal, you get the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter around. This is pretty awesome, give it a whirl.

We hope these help.

Ready to roll? As a yoga instructor, I look forward to sharing more insights and advice along the way – offering a few learnings from the mat and life out and about in New Zealand.

From Onny and the team – cheers for reading.