ACC for Self Employed

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This week, we’re focusing on the insurance topic of ACC for Self Employed.

Many of our clients at NEST are self employed – young business owners taking on entire industries, on their own. It’s an incredible journey of learning, celebration, opportunity and challenge. But one thing that all too often isn’t considered on this journey is what would happen if you suffered from accident or illness and were unable to work.


Covered by NEST

What many people don’t realise is that ACC covers for accidents only. With NEST, we ensure that you are covered for both accident and illness, while ensuring you receive the best in market information and insights suited to your situation.

If you’re new to the self-employment game – the good news it that you don’t need to worry about paying for your ACC levies until after your first tax return has been submitted. But it pays to get the right advice early, to ensure you don’t pay too much.

NEST is ready to discuss any aspects of ACC with you – things like how to manage and reduce levies, products and health and safety discount programmes, what to do if you get injured, how we can pair the right illness cover to work alongside your ACC and so on.

It pays to know about levies.

Levies make up a big part of managing your ACC when you’re a self-employed.

We can help you to gain a clear understanding as to what your next levy invoice will be and how to potentially reduce this amount. We can help to reduce ACC levies by carefully looking at what benefits we can reduce from ACC and putting in place private disability insurance that covers accident and illness. In many situations, clients don’t end up spending any more money than they are currently spending on ACC levies alone.

Accident or illness?

When it comes to injury, if you need time off work to recover, lost earnings compensation can help you out. The type of cover you have and your income determines what your payments will be. NEST is skilled in assisting you with this process. However, it’s important to note that statistics show that only ⅓ of people off work for more than six months, are off due to an accident. Unfortunately a false sense of security is common in many clients that come to NEST, they assume ACC will look after them when they get sick. This simply isn’t the case.

We’ve got you covered.

Talk to us today about reducing your levies, gaining the right cover and living and leading the best possible journey through self-employment – ready to face any opportunities or challenges along the way.

From Onny and the team – cheers for reading.