Looking after your family

Family Yoga

Family Yoga Class THIS WEEKEND too!! Just letting you know of the upcoming Rainbow Kids Teacher Training and the Family Yoga Class, which is a part of the training, this coming Saturday. See the posters here FAMILY CLASS POSTER TT… read more

You down with ACC? (yeah you know me)

Do you get confused when you receive your ACC bill? If you’re self-employed did you know that there are other options for you around ACC? ACC cover plus (the default plan) is designed for employees, ACC have developed a solution… read more

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Kids Yoga

Nest Presents Kids Yoga this coming Saturday – please note the time change – one class for all ages at noon. Yoga is great for your kids focus and concentration, just what they need at this busy time of year.

Waiting lists don’t tell the whole story

WAITING lists are not a reliable guide to the number of people who need an operation. Many thousands of people who need surgery are not on the waiting list at all. They are, however, in pain and distress. They are… read more

Why use an insurance adviser?

Life insurance is popping up everywhere – the warehouse, countdown, trademe. I think it is great that someone who would otherwise not have insurance gets insurance – however, there is no or little advice when buying direct. The policies may… read more